of brain development takes place between birth and age four, shaping a child’s brain for future success or failure in school, work, and life.

$1.1 B

is lost every year due to Louisiana employers' Child Care issues and lost workforce productivity and participation

2 in 3

parents with young children are in the workforce and unable to access child care because costs are more than $7,500 a year.

About The Ready Louisiana Coalition

The Ready Louisiana Coalition is bipartisan, statewide coalition of businesses, advocacy organizations, early care and education professionals, parents and citizens seeking sufficient investment in quality, affordable early care and education in Louisiana.

We believe investing in high-quality early care and education will prepare our students for a smart start in life, enable families to be productive in the workforce, and serve as an economic engine for local communities.


January 25, 2020

That’s one storyline that should dominate the spring legislative session, but there’s another that’s less likely to stir controversy but is just as worthy of attention.


If 2019 was the year teachers finally got a modest pay raise after a decade of waiting, 2020 could well be the year the Legislature tackles funding for early childhood education.

The Advocate

November 3, 2019

If there’s been one regular refrain on the campaign trail this season, it’s been a call for more investment in early childhood education.


There’s a good reason for that. Research shows that providing quality early education for at-risk children has major benefits — for the kids and their parents, for the economy, and for the future.


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